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An Alternate Teaser for The Great Apocalypse

Here is a teaser for The Great Apocalypse that didn’t make it to the Amazon sales page:

The Great Apocalypse (Alternate Teaser)

He was supposed to be dead. 

The original story was clear. His rebellion ended in disgrace centuries ago. His faded memory survived as a warning to those who dare speak against man’s most cherished institutions.

Preachers frightened their congregations with this tale of fiery destruction. Parents retold the story to convince their children to be good little boys and girls.

He was one of history’s greatest bogeymen. His stories echoed in every world in new combinations of fact and fiction while artists tried to depict his special brand of evil in a variety of imaginative ways.

Finally, he is prompted to step out of the shadows by the latest retelling of this old story. An apocalyptic religion uses a cartoon parody of his life to convince young children to obey in exchange for a promised earthly paradise, while hinting that eternal destruction is the only alternative. 

The worlds of mankind shudder as the structure of their civilizations begins to collapse around them. They come face to face with the personification of their collective nightmares, unaware that he is the only one standing between them and something even more terrifying.

3 Responses to An Alternate Teaser for The Great Apocalypse

  1. This explains the story a little better than the other trailer. I’m pretty interested to learn more about this “evil man” who has come back. Is he back from the dead or just coming through different dimensions?

  2. This complements the Amazon version quite nicely Daniel, it’s almost as though it is a different book (sort of like with the different types of trailers movies release for dramatic/action that can make the movie look almost entirely different just from the edit). Are you able to combine the two into one or have you specifically left the Amazon one that way to appeal to a particular audience demographic?

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