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Deleted Scene – Surveillance in Nevada

I decided to post some of the the scenes I cut from The Great Apocalypse. You might not want to read these until you have already read the novel.

I don’t know if these will be meaningful to anybody but me. I worked hard to remove unnecessary distractions in the story. That led to some painful decisions to cut scenes that I enjoyed, but didn’t really add any critical information that wasn’t already found elsewhere. The decision to cut these was made easier by the thought that I could still post them to the blog. This scene originally took place between chapters forty-four and forty-five.

Surveillance in Nevada

The sun had set on the Nevada desert. Two men armed with rifles and night vision goggles crept through a gully and then slithered on their bellies like serpents to the top of a small hill. Although dressed in desert camouflage, they took the added precaution of arranging piles of brush to help them blend into the landscape.

The hill overlooked a barbed wire fence and a small group of sleeping cows on the other side. In the distance sat a white concrete building. The lights were on, and an occasional shadowy figure walked past a window. Their mission was simply to observe, report, and be prepared for whatever orders might come their way.

The two men knew that something big was going on, but were unaware of the full scope of the massive operation evolving around them. Other two-man groups were being deployed at strategic locations. Unmanned drones were already in the air, and several teams trained to deal with chemical, biological, or radiological threats were put on alert.

The President himself was being briefed regularly on the progress of the operation.

Meanwhile, the cows continued to sleep, completely oblivious to the eyes in the sky and the men watching over them. The temperature had already dropped below freezing. The two men braced themselves for a long, cold night.

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