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Deleted Scene – The American Embassy in Cairo

Here is another scene that was deleted from The Great Apocalypse. One of my editors suggested that it distracted from from the main plot and didn’t add any essential information that wasn’t mentioned elsewhere. I agreed, but it was still hard to get rid of it. This scene played out vividly in my imagination, but the needs of the story must come first. This originally appeared between chapters forty-nine and fifty.

The American Embassy in Cairo

A man in tattered clothes appeared in front of the gate at the American embassy in Cairo. Painful-looking burns covered his skin. “Let me in. I’m an American!”

He had no identification and refused to divulge his name. Instead, he recited a phone number and a codeword from memory. He confidently told the staff that they only had to make the phone call to receive official instructions about what to do with him.

The man requested a first aid kit and went into the restroom to tend to his wounds. One of the staff tried to assist, but he was curtly asked to leave.

The embassy made the call, provided the codeword, and answered questions about the man’s medical condition. Five minutes later, they received official instructions to transport the man to the airport without delay.

He was on a private jet within fifty minutes of first appearing at the embassy. There was a doctor on board to examine him. The doctor said, “This man is dehydrated and has serious burns. He should be taken to a hospital immediately.”

The agent in charge asked, “Is his life in immediate danger?”

“I don’t think so,” the doctor said.

“In that case, we’ll be taking off as soon as possible. You’ll just have to tend to him as well as you can.” The agent left abruptly to speak to the pilot.

The doctor was confused and upset. His patient said, “It’s okay, Doc. This will be nothing compared to what I’ve already been through. I just want to go home. I’d rather not spend another minute in this country.”

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