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The Great Apocalypse – Book Trailer

Update: The Great Apocalypse (Sparlock of the Multiverse #1) is now available on Amazon.

The Great Apocalypse Trailer

4 Responses to The Great Apocalypse – Book Trailer

  1. Wow, this is one of the best book trailers I’ve ever seen! All that fire and brimstone makes me really want to read the book. Awesome job. The plot sounds like it will be an epic read.

  2. Pretty rad trailer. How long did it take to make something like this? I must admit, I’m pretty fired up to read the first book now!

  3. I just finished the book and really enjoyed it–the plot is inventive and unpredictable, and Thomas makes for a great everyman hero. I also loved how you wove the different mysteries so convincingly throughout the novel, so the reader discovers things along with Thomas. I’ll be recommending it!

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